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Help! Looking for Vermicompost / Tea Application Advice and Data

Hey folks! As I mentioned in my last post I was accepted to speak at the Virginia Association for Biological Farming Conference (full info now available) in January. I am excited but also a bit nervous. After reviewing the speaker list, it looks like I maybe the only one speaking with zero farming experience 😨. (Although our backyard is probably close to qualifying as an urban farm at this point)

While I plan on talking a lot of science and microbiology, Nicky @ Permaculture Gardens who encouraged me to apply, pointed out this audience wants to know how they can use vermicompost or tea on their farm, market garden, or even a ranch. My go to for information is typically scientific journal publications, but this is one area where academic data is scarce.

I was hoping you all could help me out especially if you have customers who might be farmers or market gardeners. Where have your customers seen the most success using vermicompost/tea? How and how often do they normally apply your product? If they have some anecdotal data to back up their success even better!

I would like to provide the audience with various resources to follow up if they decide integrating some kind of vermi-tech with their operation. If you get in touch with me via email ( or phone (650 837-6255), and I use some of your advice/data I would of course give your company and customer full credit and list you as a resource in the presentation.

I'll probably reach out directly to you a few of you, but I know there is a lot of expertise out there I'm unaware of.

Thank you!


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Zack, I am doing research on this and am trying to collect articles relevant to tea as they are sent to me via Academia on this blog page I hope that might help as a starting point for you. You likely have access to more info. Thanks for the mention above and looking forward to your presentation!

Zack Jones
Zack Jones
Nov 05, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Nicky! This is a really great collection of resources. My literature isn't quite so organized yet.

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