General Microbiology

1. What is a microbiome exactly?  Let professor John Spear tell you!

2. Learn about the life of one of the recent greats in Microbiology., Thomas Brock.
“He had an encyclopedic knowledge of microbiology and science in general,” Stephen Zinder, a microbiologist who trained under Brock during the 1970s, tells the Times. “I think his real ability was to see things simply and to figure out simple techniques to find out what the organisms were doing in their environment.”

Ag. News

May 3rd 2021 - A Giant Organic Farm Faces Criticism That It's Harming The Environment- NPR

  • "Environmental marketing got ahead of what we can do"


Nov 2nd 2020 - Patagonia report on "barriers" to Regenerative Agriculture

  • Technical service providers lacking

  • Behavioral, cultural change

  • Funding issues

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